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Supercross Round #11 Recap | Seattle | March 24, 2024

March 24, 2024

Cooper Webb Wins Seattle Supercross in Closest Finish of the Year

Levi Kitchen Tops Field in 250SX Class

Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Cooper Webb took a thrilling win at Lumen Field in Seattle to nab his third win of the season at Round 11 of the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross season. The win marked the slimmest margin of victory so far this season as 58,342 fans cheered Webb and Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Chase Sexton to the finish line.

The track at Lumen Field formed deep, peg-dragging ruts after rains earlier in the week saturated the dirt. Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.  

Chase Sexton led much of the race and put on an incredible final surge; he missed the win by less than one second to earn the runner-up spot. Team Honda HRC’s Jett Lawrence pushed a strong pace early but a crash with Webb put him back; he finished in third place. In the Western Regional 250SX Class’ return to racing, Washington-native Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Levi Kitchen ran away with a huge win in what is his hometown Supercross.

First place 450SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“This is probably – we keep saying it every weekend – but by far the gnarliest track I’ve ridden. And it was really tough; we were all trying to push the pace, but you had to watch out for all the changing lines, the ruts, the lappers… I got arm pump pretty bad there at the end and it was just [a matter of] surviving, but I was able to hold on. Chase rode great, obviously made a few mistakes, then I’d make mistakes, and we’d go back and forth so, man, I’m stoked. I just want to give it up to the good Lord, want to give it up to the team; man, we’ve been dealt some adversity and we’re fighting through it, and it just feels amazing to win. It’s crazy, you know, you see Jett do it over and over and you just, you want to get that feeling again… I’m pumped.” – Cooper Webb.

Second place 450SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“To be honest I didn’t even look at the pit board, so I had no idea [Webb was jumping the wall after the sand section]. I had [a] line late in the race where I was doubling into the pocket, but I never even thought of going outside [in the sand], so that’s on me not looking at the pit board. But overall, minus a few mistakes, I rode a really good race, even through[out] the whole race. I came back towards the end. I felt like I had really good speed. We made a change going into the heat race with my bike and it showed. I was really comfortable the whole night on such a gnarly track. And I gotta give it up to the team; they put a lot of work in to get me happy and we’re climbing that ladder… [when asked about stalling the engine during the night’s racing] …I got actually clipped that hay bail on this rhythm over here and bent my rear brake out, and I think that’s what happened when I stalled it over there. I caught my rear brake. So, just a few small hiccups, but overall it was a lot better race from me. This is the most I’ve fought all year, as far as [battling] close to the front, so we’re getting better.” – Chase Sexton, when asked if he saw that his mechanic was signaling him to double out of the sand and over the wall.

Third place 450SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“I had a good charge at the start [of the race], had a really good flow, and I think I just came in the sand here and was a little bit committed. I knew I was going to hit Cooper, I could have been mean and hit him harder and just committed to it, but I didn’t want to hit him, and then in that sand you don’t want to – it’s very hard to pull up. So yeah, I ended up kind of being nice and checking up, but I [ended up] clipping the back [of Cooper’s bike], got off balance [and crashed]. And then I stalled it here once, and also had a lapper stop on the wall jump in front of me [and hold me up]. So, I’m like, ‘You know, that’s enough signs that tonight’s not the night, so we’ll just try and bring it home in third.’”– Jett Lawrence

The Western Regional 250SX Class passed its season midpoint with Seattle marking Round 6 of 10 rounds. Levi Kitchen made the technical track look almost easy with a win margin of over twenty seconds. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s RJ Hampshire fought back from a mediocre start to claim second place. Team Honda HRC’s Jo Shimoda was blazing fast, recovering from a crash to lock down the third-place spot.

First place 250SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“I’ve been waiting for a night like this for a long time… I just finally rode like myself and, you know, to do that in front of the hometown is awesome. Man, I just felt good on my dirt bike, like finally completely myself… it wasn’t a pretty race, actually, if you were me; I got really frustrated a few times and just tried to stay with it and I just kept telling myself, ‘stay with it,’ and I find myself again. It was crazy, but yeah I can’t give it up [enough] to all my friends and family for coming out, and shout out to my sister and my newborn nephew and niece, and just everybody, man, I’m going to really enjoy this one. Yeah, I’m stoked, extending the points a little bit.” – Levi Kitchen

Second place 250SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“I said in the beginning of the day [to] just kind of take what the night gives me. I had nothing for Levi all day, I mean, you’ve seen in the heat race – like, that was embarrassing… I didn’t have the speed, that’s just what it was. I had to settle down and then, I don’t know what happened off the start there; I felt like I had a really good jump, and [then] I must have spun or something. And those first couple laps are hectic. I made some good passes but, man, the track is brutal. I rode Indy a few times [but] I don’t think I rode a track like this. So coming from the East Coast, it’s definitely technical tonight… We said we want to be solid tonight, and that’s all we had, so we’ll take a second on the night and look forward to St. Louis.” – RJ Hampshire

Third place 250SX Class – Photo Credit: Feld Motor Sports, Inc.

“Oh my God, it was the gnarliest track I ever rode. Honestly, like, from the heat race, I just kept dragging my foot pegs, and that threw me off. I actually crashed on the rhythm [section in the Main Event] – same thing, just [coming] out of the rut [it] caught my peg and it threw me off to the side…. I just needed to really, really focus, I guess. But I’m stoked to be on the podium, and I just want to shout out my mechanic [and team]. Thank you so much, and it was tough one.” – Jo Shimoda

The series moves east for Round 12, which kicks off next Saturday inside The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri.