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SuperMotocross Partners with Villopoto’s Lucid Manufacturing to Offer Fans Official Pro Replica Jerseys

February 7, 2024

The SuperMotocross League (SMX) and Lucid Manufacturing are excited to announce a new partnership that will make pro replica jerseys available to the public for the very first time via a new, official online store ( or in person at each of the 31 rounds of the SuperMotocross World Championship.

Michael Leib, Lucid Manufacturing CEO: “Official replica jerseys are a staple of every major sports league and professional sports team but has been challenging in SMX to bring to market due to the sheer number of licensees needing to be involved in the process. The industry-wide collaboration of this initiative will pave the way in standardizing the pro replica jersey business for SMX athletes, teams and gear companies moving forward as they will all share in this new revenue stream.“

“Just like at a football game, imagine going to a Supercross race and seeing fans all over the stadium wearing their favorite athlete’s jersey”, stated 9-time AMA Champion, and Lucid Manufacturing Principal, Ryan Villopoto. “This partnership will be a win-win for the fans, but also for the athletes and teams as they will share in this new revenue stream and be able to also capitalize on this expanded branding opportunity.”

Replica jerseys will be manufactured at Lucid Manufacturing’s Temecula, California based facility which is currently set up to produce upwards of 7,000 pieces per month with further expansion capabilities if needed. Using an easy-to-use, on-demand e-commerce ordering process, SMX can now offer fans an entirely new way to connect with their favorite athletes all around the world. Each jersey is custom made and available in a wide variety of sizes including youth.

The website is now live and accepting orders for over 20 riders with more coming online soon. Official replica jerseys will also be sold at select rounds of the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship.

“We are excited to see SMX become the first to offer fans the most desired collectible item in our sport globally,” added Villopoto. “This is going to be amazing to watch grow over the coming years and I’m thankful to see the industry come together for the overall betterment of the sport. This has been a long-desired item from the fanbase and a huge void within the industry.”

Having pro replica jerseys available for purchase creates another avenue with which to engage with SMX fans from all around the world while also further increasing the branding of the sport, its teams, athletes, and gear companies.

All 28 rounds of the SMX World Championship series, inclusive of 17 Supercross races and 11 Pro Motocross races, are currently on sale to the general public at and Dates and venues for the 2024 SuperMotocross World Championship Playoffs and Final will be announced soon.